Books on the Run

Books on the Run 

Our delivery service for temporarily or indefinitely home bound residents with a valid library card. Restrictions apply - contact your local branch for details. The delivery area covers most of our service district in the Fox, Northwest and Windsor school districts. The service is a cooperative program of the Jefferson County Library system and NextStep for Life.

What materials can I borrow?

In addition to our books, you may borrow magazines, movies, music, audiobooks and any other materials that we lend. We also have a collection of books in large print.

How does it work?

Registration for the delivery service can be handled by phone or mail through your local branch.

To help us choose materials for you, we ask that you complete a "wish list." You may select general areas of interest or ask for specific titles and authors. 

We will contact you to get directions to your home and to let you know the date and time of your first delivery of books. Materials are delivered 1-2 times per month. A delivery schedule will be provided to you. 

Please stay in touch with us to let us know any updates to your preferences. 

For more information, contact the following individuals:

Arnold Branch: Marcia S. - 636-296-2204

Northwest Branch: Debby H - 636-677-8186

Windsor Branch: Sherri C - 636-461-1914