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Central Services

Library Director: Tony Benningfield

Assistant Director for Library Services: Pamela Withrow

Assistant Director for Information Technology: Jay Manning

Finance/HR Manager: Lindsay Winkler

Technical Services Manager: Kate Coleman

Facilities Supervisor: Gary Grzeskowiak

Marketing Manager: Laura Maddock

Arnold Branch

Branch Manager: Meredith McCarthy

Circulation Library Associate II: Marcia

Circulation Senior Clerk II: Brenda

Reference Manager: Charlene

Reference Librarian: Annette

Reference Associate: Angela

Children's Librarian II: Amy

Northwest Branch

Branch Manager: Cindy Hayes

Circulation Library Associate: Jen

Reference Librarian: Debby

Reference Associate 2:

Reference Senior Clerk:

Reference Senior Clerk:

Genealogy Library Associate: Ginger

Genealogy Senior Clerk: Shawn

Genealogy Senior Clerk: Russell

Children's Associate: Julia

Teen Services Senior Clerk: Amanda

Children's Clerk: Karen H.

Windsor Branch

Branch Manager: Adam Tucker

Circulation Supervisor: Dawn

Circulation Senior Clerk II: Sherri

Reference Librarian: Jason

Reference Senior Clerk I: Kris

Youth Associate: Beth

Youth Senior Clerk II: Kim

Youth Clerk I: Allyson

Cedar Hill Branch

Satellite Supervisor: Karen Jones

Reference Librarian: Brenda

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an image of the northwest branch
an image of the windsor branch