Food for Fines

Jefferson County Library’s Final Food for Fines Drive

for 2020 Will Be November 6 and 7

The final 2020 Jefferson County Library “Food for Fines Drive” will be held Friday, November 6 from Noon to 5 p.m. at the Northwest Branch Library in High Ridge; and Saturday, November 8 from 9 a.m. to Noon at the Arnold Branch Library and the Windsor Branch Library in Barnhart.

The Jefferson County Peace Pantry will be on site at Northwest to collect donations on Friday, while the Arnold Food Pantry will be on site at Arnold and the Jefferson County Rescue Mission will be on site at Windsor to collect donations on Saturday.

“One of my greatest regrets during the pandemic has been suspending the Food for Fines campaign,” said JCL director Pam Klipsch. “It’s a tradition I’ve cherished throughout my tenure as director here, as a way for the library to participate in Jefferson County’s tradition of neighbors helping neighbors in times of need.”

The food pantries are suggesting that foods such as peanut butter and jelly, or other simple and nutritious breakfast and lunch items for children who are learning from home would be particularly welcome at this time.

Please take your donations to the pantry truck on the library parking lot, and you will receive a receipt to have your overdue fines waived. You can turn in the receipt at the library any time the building is open through 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 15. The library will forgive up to one dollar in fines for each can or (dry) box of food donated.

If you don’t have library fines you can still drop off donations at the library on Food for Fines Weekend.

Since the Food for Fines program began in 2005, JCL patrons have donated 93,758 cans of food to local area food pantries.

2020 marks the fifteenth anniversary of our Food for Fines campaign. Our goal was to raise our total to at least 95,000 this year, and we were well on the way to meeting that goal until the coronavirus shutdown in March. We need just 1,242 more cans of food to meet that goal!

There is no limit on the number or amount of fines that can be cleared, but bills for lost or damaged materials, and fines or bills for items that have been borrowed from other libraries through Jefferson County Library, are not eligible for the “Food for Fines” program.

The library does not accept home-canned items, cans or boxes that are past their expiration dates or are dented or damaged, or cans or boxes with bar codes that have been lined or scratched through.

For more information contact your local branch of the Jefferson County Library: Arnold Branch, 1701 Missouri State Road, Arnold (636-296-2204); Northwest Branch, 5680 State Road PP, High Ridge (636-677-8186); Windsor Branch, 7479 Metropolitan Boulevard, Barnhart (636-461-1914).

an image of canned foods sitting on a shelf