Food for Fines

Next Food for Fines Weekend Friday & Saturday, June 28-29

Jefferson County Library's next “Food for Fines Weekend” will be Friday and Saturday, June 28-29, 2019. Customers with outstanding fines for overdue materials now have two days each month when they can have their fines waived by donating canned food items. The library forgives up to one dollar in fines for each can of food donated. If you don’t have library fines you can still drop off donations at the library on Food for Fines Weekends.

In May the library collected 526 canned food items at its three branch libraries. Since the Food for Fines program began in 2005, JCL patrons have donated 88,568 cans of food to local area food pantries. In 2019 we'd like to increase that total to at least 90,000. We are so close! Now school is out, there are families in our County struggling to feed their kids..

There is no limit on the number or amount of fines that can be cleared, but bills for lost or damaged materials, and fines or bills for items that have been borrowed from other libraries through Jefferson County Library, are not eligible for the “Food for Fines” program.

The library does not accept home-canned items, cans that are past their expiration dates or are dented or damaged, or cans with bar codes that have been lined or scratched through.

For more information contact your local branch of the Jefferson County Library!