Poetry Contest


Breaking Night
by Eliana Curry Alanda
Winner, 5-11 Years

Breaking Night, the Sun wakes the Earth
Ending the bats' and the owls' mirth

The eagles cry for freedom & glory
The waves crash against the shore, roaring their story

Fleeing from darkness, the falcons take flight
Cherishing all the Sun's welcoming light

The bears emerge from their caves,

The daisies start to bloom
The frogs' croaks ring merrily,
Ending all the gloom

Then the wolves begin to howl at the Moon,
For Night has just begun its reign.
The Girl in the Meadowby Abigail Leonard
Winner, 5-11 Years

Out through the pasture,She stands in water of the mornUntil her feet get wrinkly and worn.
Noon she sits by a treeWhile eating an apple for free.
Evening is when her feet start to move,She glides and twirlsAnd gets a groove.
Night she lays on the ground,Seeing the stars twinkle around.
The next day was cold,No sun in the skyNo flowers, no birds, or butterflies.
I went to the pastureI put my foot in the waterWhere the girl stood.
By the tree there was a noteThat said, "The wind took me away
By hand, the water is where I stand."
Seasonsby Catherine SherryWinner, 5-11 Years
Winter and
Seasons, Seasons,I like them all!
Birds, Birds, Birds fly by wing.This is the animal that's happiest in Spring.
Bees, Bees, Bees are hummers.This is the animal that's happiest in Summer.
Otters, Otters, Otters are swimmers.This is the animal that's happiest in winter.
Spiders, Spiders, Spiders do crawl.This is the animal that's happiest in Fall.
Winter, and
Fall,Seasons, Seasons,I like them all!
The Witch in Goldby Bethany ConnWinner, 12-18 Years
A billowing smoke funnels through the airSmelling of honey, cinnamon and chamomileCooking, reading, and tea --Perfect for lil old me
A flash of yellow in the kitchenA dash of orange on the stoveFlakes of amber in my cupAnd giddy spirits lighting up
They sing and dance and laugh awayThey spin and leap and do nothing but playThey fling open my cupboards, steal my boxesLittle troublemakers! Those curious foxes!
And when they greet me -- they start to glowSomething they've practiced, a cute little showHoping to sing to me until I'm grey and oldPraising their new queen, the witch in gold!
We, the Devils' Childrenby Bennett Ella MeadowsWinner, 12-18 Years
We glide on waters who shatter and splinter We walk on lands possessed by dark wintersWe tread in valleys who shriek of things evil We swim in deep rivers who dance with the devilWe collide with forces who threaten to break We are wandering souls for wondering's sakeWe climb mountains who throw, destroy and kill We run to black woods whispering secrets quite stillWe dwell in harsh places, unforgiving and cruel We listen to spirits, we've been called foolsWe children of death, kinfolks of hell We cause grief, pain and sorrow, your soul we would sellWe say, "Master," to greed, our Mother is sin We cause strife, we deplete, watch your nightmares beginWe sometimes want out, to be good, whole and true We are jealous and wanting to seek Light like some doWe have feelings, emotions; we've learned to be numb We will taunt you and hurt you, to horror you'll succombWe have waters who crack; mountains who throw We have winters who possess, rivers yelling belowWe have valleys who scream; forests who whisper We have Hate for a Brother and Pain as our SisterWe must walk un-afraid without sorrow and flaws We must walk free of tumultuous chaos we causeWe must protect each other, for this place rips us apart We are forced to be evil: deny feelings, our heart.We the devils' children, trapped in a life we never asked for.
Worms in Wuvby Sadie MorganWinner, 12-18 Years
I remember seeing you in that appleThat bright, green castleOh, how you wiggled and squirmed --'Tis the way of the worm
And I miss your slimy smileThe one that never faded even whileThat apple had been bruisedYou still squeezed your way through
I only say this because as I slithered
I saw an apple that had been witheredMy thoughts immediately squirmed to youIt was then I knew what I had to do
I munched and scrunched my cheeksFilling them up with tiny apple piecesMy receptors start to sense the darkFor I had reached the heart
But alas mine had gone and sankBecause my senses came to a blankI couldn't find you by the seedsI couldn't find you by the leaves
Onwards I would munch outAnd sadly squirm aboutMy love had gone and leftMy tears gotten best
But as I escapedMy heart began to elevateFor I saw you there Munching on a page that started to tear
I always knew you were quite the bookwormAlways out and trying to learnEating a page that displayed a fruitI never thought you could look more cute
I helped you eat the page that was oh, so dampThought we could do something like Lady and the TrampHappy that my love has been confirmed --'Tis the way of the worm
Don'tby Matt Caulley
Winner, 19 Years & Older

Victims of a civil warAre ones who live insideBoundaries that cage pro and con,In fields where they reside.Maelstrom of rage and hateLeaves no one there a winner.Waves of fury flood the land,Where once there was no sinner.Hills once plush with green;Now pocked and badly marred.Sapling trees dot plains of trustBows bent, bark deeply scarred.Oh please, be kind to all concerned.Don't let love wane and shrivel,Because my, there's one real truth --There's no war that's civil.
Jairus' Daughterby John LeonardWinner, 19 Years & Older
I laid upon my father's bed my life passing away.My parents were in mourning, they knew not what to say."How could this happen to our child, a good life we have led."Yet there before their very eyes their girl was almost dead.
Our friends had gathered all around and wailed and wept with tears.They mourned the passing of this child that lived for so few years.This passing filled their lives with grief and sorrow filled their eyesAs they tried to help my father, and calm his grieving wife.
Now in the land there was a man great wonders he had done.He fed the poor and healed the sick, brought love to everyone.He had a group of twelve he chose and taught them how to liveSo that when he would send them out his message they could give.
My father went to seek this man and found him in the crowd.And bowing down on bended knee began to plead out loud."My little girl is sick my lord, and even now near death.O won't you lay your hand on her before her final breath."
Then messengers arrived to say these efforts were in vain.The little girl that laughed and played would never sing again.My father started weeping and said, "How can this be?"Then said this man to father, "Put your trust in me."
I felt his presence near me as he came into the room.A certain fragrance filled the air like that of sweet perfume.My parents and and his friends had stayed, the others went away.And this man came closer, and then began to pray.
He took me by the hand and said "O little girl, arise."And having been restored to life I opened up my eyes.And with this new found strength I jumped and stood upon my feet.Then said this man "Say nothing, just give the girl to eat."
When Darkness Comesby Angel Williams
Winner, 19 Years & Older

The darkness rolls in like a thunderstorm.I am engulfed in the torrential downpour.I am surrounded by the angry clouds.I am consumed by the ever darkening sky.My eyes are blurred with the falling rain.I stumble and fall on wet, broken pavement,and my heart cries out with pain.I turn around and around,but I don't know which way to go.I am lost in this frightful storm.Where is the light to lead me home?