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Guidelines for Guest Presenters at Library Sponsored Programs

  • Guest presenters affiliated with a business or corporation are not permitted to promote their specific business and/or product as part of the information session. Exempt from this requirement are authors or performers who come to speak about their creations and are permitted to sell their books or non-print media.

  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers of program participants may not be solicited in any manner.

  • After the program, business cards may be distributed to program participants who request them.

  • Publicity of library-sponsored programs is the responsibility of the library. Guest presenters will not initiate any publicity for programs without prior approval by library staff.

  • The library may mention the affiliation of presenters in promotional materials. This does not constitute endorsement, merely acknowledgement.

  • Guest presenters will also sign the Jefferson County Library Photo Release form unless they have entered into a legal contract with JCL that already includes that information.

For more information, see the Guest Presenters At Library Sponsored Programs Policy and the Photography, Videorecording And Photo Release Policy.