The Jefferson County Library established the Library Foundation in October 2010 to focus on fundraising to support development needs as the library moves into the 21st century.

Library Director Tony Benningfield says the library needs to find other sources of revenue to offset the decline in state and federal support. "Although state and federal funding is a small percentage of our overall revenue, it's something we have used to cover the start up costs of technology projects that have improved our services, and to provide support for employees who pursue additional training and education so we can provide better service to the community," she said.

The Foundation received its 501c3 nonprofit designation from the Internal Revenue Service in October 2010, after a group of five citizens agreed to serve as the organizing Board of the Foundation: Carroll Anderson, Eric Knoll, David Mangelsdorf, Sandy May and Vernon Sullivan. The President of the Library Board of Trustees, Retta Susan Tuggle, Library Director Tony Benningfield, and Library Assistant Director Debby Byron, serve as ex officio (non-voting) members of the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board meets quarterly on the first Tuesday of March, June, September and December.

2022 Foundation Board:

  • President: Patti Redel

  • Vice President: Shannon Roscow

  • Secretary: Renee Reuter

  • Treasurer: Julie Schmidt

  • Elaine Gannon

  • Barbara Flint

  • Laura Schmidt

  • Larry Schroth - Emeritus (May 1, 2020)

  • Vernon Sullivan - Emeritus (October 2010-March 2015)

  • David Mangelsdorf - Emeritus (October 2010-March 2016)

  • Eric Knoll - Emeritus (October 2010-March 2019

  • Retta Susan Tuggle, President, Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees (ex officio)

  • Tony A. Benningfield, Director, Jefferson County Library (ex officio)

  • Debra Ann Byron, Assistant Director Business & Finance, Jefferson County Library (ex officio) and Foundation Recording Secretary

The Foundation applies for grants from community organizations and corporate donors, and solicits tax-deductible gifts and donations from individuals and groups, which are designed to benefit the library district as a whole, and to support technology and professional developments needs. The long range goal is to establish an endowment fund for the library.

The Foundation gives special recognition annually to major donors at the following levels:

  • Library Champion: $10,000 or more in one year

  • Library Sponsors: $5,000 or more in one year

  • Library Fans: $1,000 or more in one year

  • Library Donors: $500 or more in one year

If you are interested in donating to the Library Foundation, please contact Tony Benningfield at:

Jefferson County Library Foundation

c/o Jefferson County Library

5678 State Road PP

High Ridge MO 63049

(636) 677-8689

All donations to the Jefferson County Library Foundation are tax-deductible.