Wireless Guidelines


Prior to accessing the Wireless Internet, all users 18 years and older must have a valid JCL library card or must present a valid state ID to be issued a single use guest account.  Users under age of 18 years old must have the signature of a parent or guardian on their library card registration giving the minor permission to use the Library's public access computers before accessing the Wireless Internet.  Even though the library employs safeguards including an Internet filter, it is suggested that parents monitor their minor children's use of the Wireless Internet closely.  A JCL cardholder whose account has been blocked or barred due to unreturned materials and/or excessive fines will not be permitted to access the Wireless Internet until their account is no longer blocked or barred.

Time Limit: Wireless Internet access is provided on a first come, first serve basis.  One sixty minute session per person will be enforced if all SPOT site licenses are in use and additional person(s) are waiting to access the Wireless Internet.  When there is no waiting queue, the maximum amount of time that a person may use the Wireless Internet access is 6 hours per day.  When a waiting queue forms, those individuals having accessed the Wireless Internet longest beyond the one hour session will be given a five minute grace period to save work and close programs.

Unacceptable Use: Wireless Internet access is provided primarily for educational purposes.  The following user activities are considered unacceptable, will not be tolerated, and may result in the revocation of one's wireless Internet access privileges:

    using the Internet to access any sites considered unacceptable as defined by community standards in accordance with policy established under Sections 182.825 through 182.827 of the Missouri Revised Statutes

    unruly, loud or obnoxious behavior that disturbs other library patrons.

    using the wireless Internet access for illegal purposes will not be tolerated.  Such use will result in the immediate revocation of one's wireless Internet access privileges.  In the event that the wireless Internet access is utilized for illegal purposes, local law enforcement officials may be contacted and provided with relevant information.  Individuals may not use the wireless Internet access for any purpose that will violate local, state or federal laws or any regulations of the library district including, but not limited to, the Missouri Revised Statutes Chapters 573 Pornography and Related Offenses, 565.090 Harassment, 565.225 Stalking, and 566 Sexual Offenses.   

    Using the wireless Internet for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. 

Disclaimer: Jefferson County Library does not accept responsibility for any individual's use of the Internet.  The Internet is a world wide electronic computer network with no single governing body controlling users or content.  Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information.  Some Internet Web sites may provide information that users find offensive, objectionable or inappropriate.  Jefferson County Library exercises no control over and assumes no responsibility for information or services that reside outside the Jefferson County Library computer network.