Public Access Computers

Computer Rules and Guidelines

  •     A registration form must be signed before using the computers. Parents must also sign permission to use the computers for children under the age of 18 years old. Children must be at least 6 years old to use a computer.
  •     Parents are responsible for what children access on the computers. If you are under 7 years old, a related adult must sit with you while you are using the computer; if you are under 11 years old, a related adult must be present in the library while you are using the computer.

  •     Non-residents must pay for a non-resident card ($15/quarter; $60/year) or pay a per use fee of $2 per hour to use the public access computers.

  •     Valid identification (library card, computer user card, driver's license, etc.) must be presented to use the computers.

  •     Computers may be used for up to six hours per day.  Initial use is a one hour session.

  •     Pages can be printed for 20¢ a page.

  •     Filters have been installed on the computers, however because of the way filters are configured, 100% accuracy is impossible. It is possible and probable that the filter will not block some sites that should be filtered and block other sites which should not be filtered. Parents can not rely on filters to prevent their children from seeing sites that they may deem inappropriate. Children should be supervised by a parent even when filters are in use. Patrons are asked to report instances in which they think the filter has failed to block objectionable sites, so that staff can take appropriate action.

  •     Nothing can be downloaded or saved to the computers.

  •     Computer users who do not follow the rules risk losing their public access computer user privileges.  Please consult the Public Computers and Internet Access Use Policy.