Lost in Flight
By Sophia Baumhardt, 10 years

Winner 5-11 Years

Black wings expanded
Flying lost in the dark foggy weather
With a breeze flowing through his raven black feathers
He’s clueless of where he wishes to go
But deep in his heart, his spirit knows

Electric Shock
By Sadie Morgan, 10 years
Winner 5-11 Years

Being indoors for what seems like three years,
I decide to get off of my electronics.
From all of the light on the computer,
I forgot everything.

Math, Art, Science, English
Even recess.
The room is dark,
I open the door.

Suddenly, there was light!
New noises.
New things.
A strange insect with beautiful wings flutters by.

As it flies over my head,
Another thing does too,

Science Center
By Eric Miller, 11 years

Winner 5-11 Years

I love to go to the Science Center
because I might see a prehistoric cockaoo
I also love to go there
because I might see a rocket too
I like to go to the Science Center
because I learn about dinosaurs
I like to go to the Science Center
because when I leave my brain soars

A Small Collection of Words to My Past Self:
By Paige Compton, 14 years
Winner 12-18 Years

while the moon will always
swallow you,
i can guarantee
the sun will always rise,
and you will know
the feeling of okay again.

Accounts of a Time Traveler
By Shelby Morgan, 17 years
Winner 12-18 Years

Today I fight a dragon,
It’s tough but I manage a win
And tomorrow I shall fight again
But until then . . .

I shall travel forward many years
To a city controlled by greed
I will amend their fears
And fill every need

Then I will return to this day
Where I help solve a mystery
Of a murderer at bay.
The clues are hard to see

Yet through my sleuthing I find
Slowly and surely the killer
As the hints unwind
In a series that is quite the thriller.

And then I decide
That is enough for today
My eyes are tired and my brain is fried
As I put the books away.

I await the adventure tomorrow
And all that I have planned,
A romance of tragic sorrow
And a fairy tale land.

All this locked between covers
Of a well written book,
For it is the reader who discovers
To truly live you must know where to look.

By Alyssa Walsh, 16 years

Winner 12-18 Years

We sit here and blame each other,
for everything that goes wrong.
We play these stupid games
it’s all for fun.

We make each other feel useless,
use painful words like knives.
We cry to ourselves,
wishing we could die.

The things we say,
they often are not true,
But when we mean it,
there’s nothing we can do.

Every day it’s the same,
knives piercing our skin.
Everyone does it,
and we’re all broken.

An Everyday Miracle
By Marilyn Ferrell, 79 years

Winner 19 Years & Older

Within a mass of white,
it is lovingly placed.
There it lies hidden from the human eye.

At first, as it in secret,
it quietly and slowly arouses itself.
It is alive, living within.

As it begins to grow inside,
an outward bulging becomes evident to all,
and it no longer can be concealed.

And now, the heat is on
as all might expect it to be,
and truthfully, it should be.

After what seems a long, anxious time,
and nearing the last crucial moment,
loving hands come to its rescue.

Now, the heat is turned off
and genuine, happy smiles appear
for the birth of something beautiful is complete.

All who have awaited the delivery
are presented this . . . new . . ., perfect . . .,
heart-winning loaf of yeast bread.

The Stories of the Stones
By Shannon Morgan, 44 years
Winner 19 Years & Older

It is a curious thing,
To walk among the dead.
Their bodies silently  hidden
Their voice, a stone lying at their head.

Some stones are smooth, while some are rough.
Some are six feet tall,
And loud with lines of praise and script
Others, small and quiet; hardly stones at all.

But, no matter the presentation,
Concise and subtle or verbose and bold,
If you listen with your heart and mind,
Each stone has a story to be told.

Beloved wife, mother, father, brother
Beautiful labels in reprise.
The years you walked upon this Earth,
These are the stories for our eyes.

But, within the dates carved by masons
Is where your story lives.
Your love, your loss, your truth
Your everyday, the cares that you give.

Was your story an epic adventure
Filled with excitement at every turn?
Perhaps it was a great romance
Exhilarated flesh as passion burned.

Was your story a mystery
Unknown to even you?
Your words so locked up inside
That you just barely made it through?

Many stories were cut too short,
Only a few pages in between.
An epigram, a lyric, an interlude
A short story you fear may go unseen.

Your beginning and end are foretold,
So, it is within the middle where you must dwell!
And so, I ask you, my friends,
What story will your stone tell?

My Forever Valentine
By John Weaver, 46 years

Winner 19 Years & Older

I loved you when I met you
Twenty-seven years ago,
And the more that I am with you
This great love for you does GROW.

Though there’s none who match your beauty
In the places we have been,
I have found one thing that’s equal
It’s your beauty from within.

When I see your smile, I’m lifted
Even if my day was bad,
And I cherish our life moments
Both the happy and the sad.

In the years, we’ve had together
We have struggled with much loss,
Yet our love and strong commitment
Has helped carry us across.

How I love thee? It is countless
For my list grows day by day,
With your tenderness and mercy
By your side I wish to stay.

Though this poem may win no contest
Or be on a billboard sign,
Still you know I’ll always love you
My forever Valentine!

Pictured (from left to right):
Marilyn Ferrell, Paige Compton, Sadie Morgan, Shelby Morgan, Shannon Morgan, Eric Miller, John Weaver, Sophia Baumhardt, Allyssa Walsh