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Donate Materials and/or Make Memorials

The Jefferson County Library District welcomes gifts, donations, memorials and honorariums. Books and other materials will be accepted with the understanding that they will only be added to the library collection if they meet the same guidelines utilized in the purchase of new materials for the library.

Donated materials that are added to the library collection will be treated in the same manner as materials purchased by the library. Donated books and materials that are not added to the library collections may be given to the Friends of the Jefferson County Library to be sold. Profits from the Friends fundraisers provide additional support for library programs. Donations may also be given to other organizations or libraries, exchanged, or recycled.

Patrons are encouraged to give monetary gifts to the Jefferson County Library in memory or honor of friends, relatives, and loved ones. Whenever possible, the library staff will select appropriate titles to add to the collection for the memorial or honorarium after consulting with family members.

Donated books or materials, memorials, or honorariums may be identified with bookplates (example bookplate shown below) if desired.

Library staff members are not qualified to appraise materials donated to the library. A receipt describing the donated items will be provided to the patron upon request at the time of the donation, but no monetary value will be assigned.

When gift materials are no longer relevant to the library collection, discarding procedures will be the same as for purchased materials.

Example donation recognition bookplate.
Actual size is 3x4 inches.