Fox Cake
Crown Cake

Borrow a cake pan from the Northwest Branch to bake a cake for a special event, holiday, or just for fun. 

Decorating instructions are included with most, and you can visit the
Wilton website for more ideas. 

There are more than 100 pans in the collection including:
  • Traditional shapes—round, square and Bundt pans,
  • Character pans—Big Bird, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, Elmo
  • Animals—elephant, lion, lady bug
  • Shapes—train, star, daisy, fish


The branch also has a growing collection of cookie cutters and candy molds that may be borrowed.  Donations of pans, cutters and molds are always welcome!

**The pans may be borrowed for one week.  The pans should be thoroughly hand-washed and dried before and after use.  Dishwasher use discolors and compromises the metal.  Borrowed pans must be returned inside the library, not placed in the outside book drop where they could be dented or bent.