Available at all Branches:

- Large print books have print that is larger and easier to read.
- Hand-held magnifiers allow persons with low vision to magnify printed and handwritten materials for easier reading.
- Audio Books are books recorded onto compact discs for listening rather than reading.
- Large screen computer monitors enlarge text for easier viewing.
- Audiobook and e-book accessibility through Overdrive. Screen reader programs and a text-to-speech feature are available for the visually impaired to access and download the audiobooks they want.
- Wheelchairs
- Books on the Run is a free delivery service that provides materials to qualifying persons indefinitely or temporarily restricted to home.
- Applications for service from the Wolfner Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped delivery program are available at all branches of the Jefferson County Library. The Wolfner Library offers free library service for blind and physically handicapped people.
 Available at the Arnold Branch:

- Children's Braille books  

 Available at the Northwest Branch:

- 1 rolling walker 
- Desktop magnifier

Available at the Windsor Branch:

- 1 rolling walker  
- Motorized scooter available for use at the library